Skimo week in Lyngen

As a part of Tromsø Arctic Skimo we invite all the passionate participants, volunteers and others to a week of skimo in Lyngen after the competition. A whole week of skiing with the tribe. With almost 24/7 sunlight and and snow stretching to the sea, May is the perfect time for ski mountaineering in the Lyngen Alps. This year we are arranging a ski week in the Lyngen alps following the competition. Here participants have the opportunity to discover an area where the mountain sides crash in to the fjords and deliver some of the best ski touring on the planet.

For those who are unknown to Lyngen it will be possible to book ski guides from our safety partner Ascent Descent, the Lyngen Mountain Guides. They have many seasons of local knowledge and can help you have the best experience discovering the Lyngen Alps.

Participants are offered accommodation at the Ascent Descent Ski Lodge two hours north of Tromsø. This is the perfect base to experience some of the best ski terrain in the Lyngen Alps. We bring together the entire skimo environment around the Ascent / Descent ski lodge which is a great starting point for skiing and socializing with others sharing the passion for mountains. At the lodge, you can cook your own meals in the apartment or make use of the bar and restaurant which serve outstanding food based on local ingredients.

Information on booking and such will be published in February.
For more information:

Arrangør: SkittentindRando og Ascent Descent
: pin Ascent Descent Sandnesveien 36, 9068 Nord-lenangen, Troms, Norway
Tid: mandag 4. mai 13:00